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Handmade Sop Maker

So, who's this person behind BALANCE TREE SOAP? Some might know that the person behind this handmade body care product is a model. Grace is her name, she started out being an accountant, left her 9 to 5 job and pursue her dream to become a supermodel, traveling around the world to strut the runway of international fashion weeks has made her the entrepreneur she is today.

Despite all that, taking care of her skin was her priority of being a model. Having dry skin was one of her problem which leads to making her own handmade soap to overcome this problem, Grace has been using her own handmade soap for the past 2 years and now no longer have to apply any body lotion as she has found the perfect combination to her handmade soap to moisturise and hydrate her skin.

The story didn't begin there, Grace's mother was diagnosed with eczema which caused her having sleeping problems at night because of her sensitive skin. Looking for the right skincare products with natural ingredients have been a journey to help her mother's skin problem. She came across a handcrafted soap at a local store one day and decided to give it a try, after a week she felt her skin become more moisturized and hydrated. From then onwards she decided to learn to make her own handmade soap using different natural ingredients with their unique properties. After many months of experiments on trial and errors, Grace finally found the perfect combination of ingredients for her body care line which could ease and comfort her mother's eczema problem.

As one story unfolds, another story begins. So this is where BALANCE TREE SOAPĀ starts where trying to find a solution for the care of her mother's skin problem became a passion she holds in her heart. BALANCE TREE SOAPĀ is not just a handmade body care line, but it is a product dedicated and made with love.

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