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ENERGY SOAP by Balance Tree

We first begin by adding energy to it with art and colour. The healing crystals are then used to resonate the positive energy of the universe. After which essential oils are infused into the soap to exude aromatic fragrances that will ultimately leave you feeling loved. 

As you take a bath, the reaction from water and the energy soap will strip away your tiredness and the negative energy you’ve accumulated all day long, from the top of your head to your entire body. And as the soap flows along with the water onto every inch of your skin, it is out with the bad vibes and in with the good energy. 

With the Energy Soap, your journey towards self-love thus begins.




I could sleep better at night after shower with Healing Energy Soap.


I use ZECK Energy Soap in the morning and Communication Energy Soap at night. I got better sales during my roadshow in the next few days that really shocking me.


I personally like the Energy Soap because soap bar is more environmental friendly and the crystals can also be kept and use as decoration at home. The scents are really good and soothing.

Love Energy Soap very calming and helps me to boost my self-confidence.



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Enegy Soap FAQs「能量皂」常见问题

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