The Heart Cluster Soap

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The Heart Cluster Soap inspired by Green Aventurine, scented with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil representing our Heart Chakra. The strong flower aroma helps release from feelings of depression and anxiety, stimulates feelings of joy, warmth, and sensuality. It also helps to harmonize male and female energies, promotes spiritual attunement, combats anger, restores confidence and peace and balancing love of self and others.

The Heart Cluster Soap水晶疗愈手工皂添加伊兰伊兰精油代表着我们的心轮。伊兰伊兰精油可以帮助我们解放过去的创伤和现在的负面情感,将孤独感和落寞感转化成喜乐。伊兰伊兰精油能够放松神经、舒缓喷怒和不安的情绪,帮助稳定心情和恢复自信。

Each cluster crystal soap is unique and freshly made thus require 3-4 days to ship out upon purchase. We are offering a special price for ordering 50 cluster crystal soaps and above. Write in to us to know more information.